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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) is insurance that helps you to pay your portion of medical costs. It works alongside Medicare. Medicare Supplement Plans in Illinois can be challenging, though. Learning the basics about Medicare Supplement Insurance can be really helpful. However, consulting a proven insurance agency is the way to ensure you will have adequate coverage for yourself.

An Overview of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Basic Medicare is included in Parts A and B. Medicare Parts A and B have some gaps that are not covered. However, Medigap covers those gaps.

Medicare eligibility is available for those who are age 65 or those having disability benefits who are under the age of 65. Part A is basic hospital coverage. Part B of Medicare is basic medical coverage.

Automatic acceptance is available for those turning 65 or if you are within six months of initially obtaining your Medicare Part B coverage. You may also be guaranteed acceptance into Medigap if you are losing group health insurance or other similar situations.

Also, there may be health questions you may want to have answered when applying for Medigap. If you have unique circumstances, it is vital that you reach out and speak with a professional to make sure you are fully covered. Additionally, applicable questions could be different in other situations than they will be for basic eligibility.

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As previously mentioned, this is the basic language of Medicare Supplement Plans. So, for more information about Medicare Supplement Insurance, contact RetireMax Insurance today. Located in Orland Park, IL, RetireMax Insurance has been serving Illinois for around 30 years. Contact our team today to discuss your options and get started.


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