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Illinois Boat/Watercraft insurance coverage

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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Illinois

Whether you have a Jet Ski, a fishing boat, or a sailing boat, at RetireMax Insurance, located in Orland Park, IL, we can help you secure your boat. Are you wondering how? When you buy boat/watercraft insurance from us, you will be protecting yourself and the boat from a wide array of perils.

Benefits of boat insurance

When you buy boat insurance from us, you will enjoy the below benefits:

  • Liability coverage: Like on the roads, accidents can occur in the waters. You could hit another boat, or you could harm a swimmer. As a result, you could be facing property damage bills and medical costs for injuries you have caused to third parties. Even worse, you could be slapped with massive legal suits for alleged negligence.

Thankfully, the liability coverage on your boat insurance protects you from damages and losses caused to third parties.

  • Physical damage coverage: It probably costs you thousands of dollars to buy your watercraft. It would be a grim story to see your valuable investment go down the drain in case of an accident. To that end, you need boat insurance to repair or replace your boat when involved in an accident.
  • Medical payments: If you live in America, you know how expensive healthcare can get. In light of this, if you are involved in an accident, you could be facing substantial medical expenses, especially if you don’t have health insurance.

However, if you have Medical Payments (MedPay) coverage on your boat insurance, you don’t have to worry about medical costs for you or your passengers for injuries sustained in a boating accident.

Do I need boat insurance all seasons?

Most boaters tend to cancel their boat insurance after summer. Regrettably, this trend can land you in trouble. You see, perils like theft, vandalism, falling objects, and fire can happen to your boat even when parked. That said, maintain your boat insurance all year round to protect it on and off-season.

Illinois boaters need optimal protection whether in or outside the waters. At RetireMax Insurance, located in Orland Park, IL, we understand that your boat means the world to you. As such, we provide various boat insurance options to ensure that you and your boat are well-protected.


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